Custom Slides from Visiscience

Custom slides and journal illustrations is our new worldwide service from Visiscience for Biomedical community of scientists & lecturers. If you have an urgent need for a specific Power Point slide, a group of slides in the general fields of biomedicine (see our range of categories at, or a need for a journal illustration, send us an email with the outline of the slide(s), or a description, and we'll send you a quote for the project. Include the Power Point version you use.

What we do

VisiScience can help you create

  • create a new biomedical specific slide
  • a group of slides in the biomedical field
  • a journal article illustration
  • graphically update an old presentation

How much does it cost

The cost of a custom slide purely depends on the complexity of the slide. Our pricing is set in $50 hour/unit increments. A small 1 slide project is usually $50 and the price increases in $50 amounts up to 4 units per 1 complex slide.

How it works

Creating a custom slide with VisiScience entails a 4 step process.

1. Contact VisiScience

The first step in having a custom slide created for you will be to contact VisiScience and reach our custom slides staff. Visiscience will stay in touch with you while we get a better understanding of what you will require for the final product.

Send us an email at with description of your order.

  • an old slide
  • a scan of a sketch or drawing
  • a description or outline of your slide
  • PowerPoint version and platform (Mac or Win)

You may also fax your hand-drawn sketch at 1-919-493-3299.

Quotes are done in $50 hour/unit increments, depending on the complexity of the slide. A simple slide will be 1 unit, while a more complex slide will be at most 4 units.

2. Wait for quote

VisiScience will review the proposal and itemize the time requirments to create a plan for the job. Once the custom slide plan is finalized we will send you an email with a quote of the job.

3. Purchase job

Once you have accepted the quote, you will just need to place the order through VisiScience to get work started on your new custom slide

You can place the order at:

4. Receive work

Receive the finished graph or illustration by email attachment within 24-48 hours of placing your order.

Your dedicated Visiscience Team