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ScienceSlides 2014 Suite CD or Download $399
ScienceSlides 2014 Standard CD or Download $299
ScienceSlides Online Online Service $99

1 Starting prices listed are for educational/non-profit organization licenses


You can enjoy our vast library of constantly updated PowerPoint slides via two delivery methods:

  • ScienceSlides Suite/Standard on CD (or direct download for International Customers only). Entire library of slides is delivered to your computer and you can navigate, search, preview and insert directly from within PowerPoint using our plug-in utility.
  • ScienceSlides Online, which is an online service where you can preview, select and download individual slides.

ScienceSlides Questions

Why do I need ScienceSlides?

In short: to make your Presentation faster and better! ScienceSlides is a collection of tools, templates and subject slides in a broad field of BioMedicine that are designed to save time while preparing a PowerPoint presentation. With well designed graphics they also make your presentation much nicer. The depth and scope of graphical tools make it an indispensable tool for any scientist and teacher in biomedical fields.

Who makes ScienceSlides?

ScienceSlides are made by scientists! Each person directly involved in slide design and slide content has a PhD. In addition, external consultants are reviewing slides, providing suggestions and eliminating potential errors.

Can I modify your slides?

Yes, each slide is 100% compatible with PowerPoint and you can easily modify them using PowerPoint tools!

Is ScienceSlides designed for lectures or scientific seminars?

Both. ScienceSlides has both simple and advanced content. Even with advanced slides it is easy to simplify them for your particular needs.

How can I verify scientific information in each slide?

Most slides are referenced with literature (just like journal reviews). If you are connected to the Internet each reference's abstract is just one click away via PubMed.

Can I use your slides in papers and reviews and share with my students?

Absolutely, as a licensee, you can use our objects not only for your scientific papers but also share with students within your academic course. Click here for a sample of publications which featured content created with the help of ScienceSlides.


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